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Designed to meet the demanding technical requirements of the world's leading airline brands, Engio announces the release of its performance driving AireXpert Mobile Communications Platform.

March 13, 2017


As the brightest minds within the aviation & aerospace industries search for tools to address technical operations performance challenges while reducing the effects of a shortening labor supply, Engio is proud to release the AireXpert Mobile Communications Platform to operators of widebody, narrowbody & regional aircraft. 

Following a rigorous & successful testing phase and the solicitation of valuable feedback from within AireXpert's customer base, the platform is now being used to drive key airline performance metrics in a positive direction and is continuing to illuminate a number of operational blind spots. Developed to harness the power of mobility & dynamic communications, airlines use AireXpert to manage and deliver the right technical resources to the right place at the right time during the most difficult maintenance events. 



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Aircraft Technicians & Engineers 

AireXpert's intuitive mobile interface enables aircraft techs to effortlessly communicate and collaborate with technical support providers during time-sensitive maintenance events. From instant access to technical documents to real time video & voice conferencing, AireXpert eliminates all of the logistical inefficiencies that lead to painful & costly maintenance delays. 

Maintenance control

The AireXpert control panel gives maintenance controllers an unprecedented level of system-wide visibility into the handling and status of maintenance events with instant updates and notifications. Never before have controllers had the tools to positively impact the outcome of maintenance events with such ease. 


Detailed Delay Analysis - every Time

Continuous improvement to maximize delay (D:00) performance requires an accurate understanding of the influencing factors that occur during real-world maintenance delays. AireXpert logs every event and every communication so that technical reliability management can properly code delays and address potential problems before they become failures. 

Get the smartest people in the room. Now.

Accessing the right knowledge & expertise at the right moment is crucial when technical issues arise, and sometimes you need the help of OEM or other specialized support experts.  The AireXpert communications platform facilitates third party support with ease and significantly accelerates the resolution process to keep delays from evolving into cancellations. 

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We're proud to be the preferred

Line maintenance provider for leading US Major & Regional Airlines at Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF). Our insights and depth of knowledge come from years of providing technical support to the world’s leading passenger, cargo and charter airline brands, and our Buffalo based technical team provides incredibly responsive & round-the-clock maintenance support. Contact us at 716 268 1000.